Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage – Durham Condominiums

Storm damage struck this Durham condominium development when a strong band of thunderstorms dropped an incredible amount of water down in a very short period of... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Durham Home

Storm damage at this Durham home left the pictured carpeting soaked. The faster the homeowner can get the water damage removed can help reduce the damage and re... READ MORE

Basement Flooding in a Durham Home

The groundwater that surges into a basement area in Durham carries silt, sludge, chemicals, vegetation and other elements. Contaminated water, know as Black Wat... READ MORE

Newmark Storm Damage

The storm drove a large volume of rainwater through the broken windows from flying debris. Homes in the Newmarket area are too often exposed to the ill-effects ... READ MORE

Kingston Storm Loss

When a nor'easter hits this area of Kingston, and there have been too many lately, the results can be significant storm damage. Ripped apart roofs let in torren... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Durham Office

Storm Damage at this Durham office left the carpeting soaked with water. The office space was unoccupied, so there would be no contents that required restoratio... READ MORE

Newmarket Wind Storm Makes a Mess

The straight line wind storm blew over a tree resulting in damage to the roof of this Newmarket house. The Before Photo shows the mess from the blown insulation... READ MORE