What our Customers say...


Brian was the most helpful and professional individual from the SERVPRO team and took every concern or question that I had very seriously. He was wonderful to work with and I truly appreciate the effort he put in to help us fix our home on a daily basis. 

So professional, so polite, so fast. Your team deserves a higher rating than even A+++

My neighbor suggested SERVPRO and now I’m glad she did. You treated us like family in what was already a trying time. Thanks. 

Hate to say it, but I may never do cleanup and repair work again. I am floored by the professionalism and hard work of your crew. 

I will never forget the fast response of your professionals. I would recommend your services to anyone contending with a damaging emergency.  

My husband wanted to repair the house on his own, but even he had to admit when it was out of his wheelhouse. Thank you SERVPRO for the fast response and the expert technicians you dispatched. 

This email was shared with us by an Insurance adjuster.  It was from his customer and ours, Bruce O.:

"Hi James:  Just wanted to confirm you'd be coming by the house this Thursday?  Time?

SERVPRO is almost done (they had a small area in the center MBR to address).  LOTS of work done by these guys!  They were great in many ways during a real mess, and certainly a VERY negative situation we had to deal with.  They were so easy to work with each day.

Going forward, there's a lot to recover from...far more than I've ever anticipated.  Our master bathroom was totally renovated 1 year ago, and now it's half ripped out.  

Our clothing, some curtains, and a comforter, were taken today by Justin M.  Yet another class act that you've connected us with.  Justin, although somewhat on the younger side, represents his company (and you) very well.  

I have almost 40 employees in my company (facility maintenance services), and have hired staff for 20 years now. These guys from SERVPRO - Brian, Rich, & (I forget Brian's sidekick's name), and Justin, and of course yourself representing Hanover, have been great not only in the delivery of their craft, but in communicating with the reluctant customer during a difficult situation. I would hire any of you to represent me & my company!

 So, onto the next steps...  Not looking forward to even more renovation work, believe me.  But with some guidance, I do look forward to a quick conclusion.

 Thanks -- Bruce O."

The supervisor explained everything very well. Very pleased with how it all came out.

Both crews were great.  Hard-working bunch, and Management did what they said they would do.

Very professional work.  The workers showed care in the details and we appreciate the things they did to protect my mother's health.  

The team did a great job. I'll be thanking our insurance company for the recommendation too.

The house is extremely clean and no odors.  I'll have you on speed-dial from now on.

I cannot put words to the sense of relief we have at having our house restored and back to normal.  Thank you SERVPRO of Durham!

The workers were very polite and prompt and did nice work.  5 Stars!

Thanks to Damian and the crew everything went very well.  Couldn't be happier.

It was a long process, but we are delighted with the results.  Hopefully we have the problem resolved so it will never come back, but if it does I know who to call.

SERVPRO employees were very responsive to my questions and very professional.

Thank you for all of the work that your crew did in my house after the fire broke out in my living room. You went above and beyond. A+++ 

My whole life was put into the small shop that I run in town, and when the rain water devastated so many businesses throughout the plaza, I am grateful that SERVPRO still responded so fast to my emergency as well. You all did an amazing job. 

A big thank you to SERVPRO for showing up after the storm and bringing a bit of hope along with you. So many houses were affected, and you made ours feel like it was your top priority. 

If it wasn’t for the musty odor, I might never have known about the mold. Thank you to your technicians for removing it from my home and getting rid of the awful smell as well. Very impressed. 

You never think about a fire in your home until you are staring at the damages. I am so thankful to your crew for working around the clock to ensure that we could stay in our home. 

Thanks for getting us back in and working quickly, and working quietly around us in the office. The place looks great.

We really appreciated how you responded so quickly after hours.  Getting the water cleaned up and dried out so quickly saved our house. You truly are heroes. 

Outstanding Team - 10 out 10 in every category!

It wouldn't have been much of a vacation without SERVPRO coming to the rescue.  Thanks for saving the day for us.

Tricia was terrific.  She explained everything so well and kept us informed throughout the process.  

It was comforting to watch how carefully they worked when they installed the barrier to close the work area. I have to say my fears were calmed immediately. I give your team 5 Stars***** !!

Thank you for coming out in the middle of a storm when no one else would.  Your crewmen were polite and professional and just took over the chaos.  The repairs came out wonderful.  Such a relief to work with people who know what they're doing.

A pleasure to work with.  We will certainly be recommending you.

Thank you for saving so many of our precious books and documents.  It has been a relief to have you here helping with the recovery.  

We couldn't believe that all of the odors would be removed, but there isn't the slightest hint of smoke or that there was ever a fire in our home.  I will be letting our adjuster know what a terrific job you have done for us.

If our normal vendor hadn't been tied up I would never have known that there was someone out there who could do it so much better.  We haven't known what we were missing in customer service, quality, and professionalism. Please do apply to our vendor program and I will push your application through the system.

Owen T., Facilities Engineer

Your team was Here almost immediately and did a terrific job.  Next time we leave a window open during a rainstorm, we'll be sure to call you!  

Jake and his team did a superb job.  Couldn't have asked for more.  Thank you!

You made a challenging situation bearable; even pleasant.  The workers all worked hard every day and have gone out of their way to be kind and helpful.  I hope that I never have to go through anything like this again, but if I do I will be calling you first.


I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you and your company and especially the crew led by Tricia Jerrick that has helped us over the last week get past our water disaster that started on New Years Day.

We had called about 7:30am New Years Day and Tricia responded to our call in about 10 minutes and was at our house within the hour. She quickly assessed the situation and had a crew out shortly after that. Each member of any crew that showed up were all very responsive, professional, and sympathetic to our situation. They were able to work in our house and made what usually is a difficult time very easy to get past and start our process to implement repairs.

I hope you will thank them for their hard work and dedication. I suspect you are already proud of your employees and wanted you to know we are too.