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SERVPRO Gets Your Flood Damaged Durham Home Livable Faster

4/18/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO Gets Your Flood Damaged Durham Home Livable Faster SERVPRO'S Green Fleet Follows the Yellows Lines to Your Property in Durham for Flood Water Extraction

Methods, Skills, Equipment and Experience Help for Rapid Floodwater Removal and Restoration

Flood damage can create a major impediment to day-to-day life in your home, even if the damage is relatively light. Flooding can knock out entire rooms, sections, or floors of a building, making them dangerous to navigate through and impossible to live in. SERVPRO has, through decades of experience and research, developed an approach to flooding that allows us to be in and out of your home as fast as possible to minimize the burden placed on you. So, how do we do it?

Fast Responses
SERVPRO technicians are ready on a 24/7 basis to respond quickly to calls about flood damage in Durham and surrounding communities. Being available at all hours allows us to protect homeowners from disaster even when it strikes in the dead of night and hours of precious time would otherwise tick away. Within four hours of your first call, our representatives arrive on the scene and begin mitigation work that prevents additional damage from happening and takes care of pressing issues on the spot. As a result, we save days or weeks of time and thousands of dollars in expenses during our restoration procedures and get your home back to a livable state in as little time as possible. "Like it never even happened."

Efficient Restorations
Our restoration work focuses on maximizing efficiency in two regards: time and cost. We specifically select innovative strategies and plans that, while more complicated and technologically involved than traditional solutions, take care of drying and restorative tasks far faster and more reliably than in decades past. Furthermore, our technicians take care not to employ redundant or unnecessary strategies if they are not needed to keep costs down. We also keep every part of your home in mind during our work and carefully monitor conditions to make sure that no changes are allowed to go unchecked.
SERVPRO of Durham has helped local homeowners to recover from flood damage disasters for years and has access to national-scale resource networks to make sure that your home receives the care it deserves. Call us at (603) 868-3343.

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Cleaning up Mold Damage in Your Durham Home

4/6/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Cleaning up Mold Damage in Your Durham Home Say no to mold infestations and say yes to mold remediation with SERVPRO of Durham!

SERVPRO Can Take Care of The Mold Infestation in Your Durham Property 

If you have mold growth in your Durham residence, you have a moisture problem, too. Mold does not grow all by itself but requires some type of moisture. If you can control that, then you can control mold growth. Many times, a direct water intrusion is the culprit including a plumbing leak, roof leak, poorly sealed windows that are leaking, water run-off from bathtubs and showers, or drain back-ups.

Finding mold growth and mold damage in your Durham home does not make for a happy day, but it can be cleaned up. If the source of the moisture is solved, you also won’t have to worry about a new colony of mold returning. Professional help from a mold remediation company such as our staff at SERVPRO is the best way to go. Household products are not recommended, as they do not adequately clean the mold.

When we first arrive, we inspect the affected area to see how far the mold has spread. During remediation, we wear protective gear including gloves and a respirator to avoid breathing in the spores of mold as we disturb them. Sometimes, a full-face mask and Tyvek suit is needed.

A containment area is made around where the mold colony is to prevent the spores from spreading to clean parts of your home. SERVPRO techs use air scrubbers to filter out excess mold spores, and in situations where building materials such as framing are wet still, we use dehumidifiers with low flow to help the drying process.

When the mold is on porous materials like carpeting or drywall, it many times needs to be removed and replaced. When the mold is on these types of materials, it is not easy to clean, so it is better to get rid of it. Non-porous surfaces such as marble and tile are wiped down to remove the mold spores, and we use HEPA vacuums before and after cleaning of all affected areas.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Durham works hard to ensure we take care of your mold problem in your residence in Stratham, Newmarket, or Epping. You can be confident when you call us at (603) 868-3343 that we can make your home safe for you and your family again.

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Key Areas That Need to be Deodorized After Fire Damage to Your Kingston Home

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Key Areas That Need to be Deodorized After Fire Damage to Your Kingston Home Fire damage in your attic needs thorough remediation and restoration efforts. SERVPRO technicians can provide those services. Call today.

SERVPRO Technicians are Equipped With Tools Which Offer Complete Remediation Services to Homeowners

Apart from the carnage due to heat and flames, a fire also brings with it another huge problem- the odor. The smell of burning material can linger on in your home long after the fire has been contained. There are a few areas of your home that are more susceptible to accumulation of odors after a fire than others.

SERVPRO Professionals can pay particular attention to these areas and use some of the latest technology to combat odors after fire damage to your Kingston home. Here are some of the areas that can need more attention.

Confined areas
Confined spaces are magnets for odors after a fire incident. The smoke can fill these areas and saturate them with the smoke causing particles. If the area is heavily contaminated, SERVPRO technicians can use ULV foggers or an ozone machine to combat the odor.

Attics are uniquely challenging for the process of odor elimination after a fire incident. It is often needed to remove the contents to locate the source of the odor. There are two materials in the attic that are most severely affected by the odor-causing particles- the insulation and the rafters.

The material used in insulation is very porous, and the odor particles can penetrate deeper into it. The situation can get worse if there is a high air pressure within the attic. Ventilation and spraying deodorant with ULV fogger are perhaps the best options for eliminating such odors.

If the fire is particularly intense, the structural material including the rafters can be covered in smoke and soot. The odor elimination process in such situation starts by scrubbing the residue from the surfaces and spraying with a strong deodorant.

Another place where odor molecules can accumulate is the inside of an automobile. If your car is trapped in the garage on fire, the smoke and soot residue can penetrate the upholstery of the vehicle and can cause them to reek with burnt odor.

Call SERVPRO of Durham today at (603) 868-3343 to talk to one of our odor elimination experts.
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When You Need Help Removing Water From Your Durham Property

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage When You Need Help Removing Water From Your Durham Property Urgent water removal services are something that many homes in the Durham region can need during the early spring.

Removing Water From Your Property

You need water removal services, and you need them quickly. The spring thaw has come, and the old sump pump in your basement has broken due to the excessive water running around your home as the snow melts. Now your basement floor is covered with ankle-deep water as the sump pump can no longer deal with the excess.

Urgent water removal services are something that many homes in the Durham region can need during the early spring. However, it is critical and essential that the water should not be left for too much time to stagnate. The more time that water sits in your home, the higher the chance for structural damage grows. Fortunately, help is never far.

SERVPRO can arrive at your home within hours of your call to evaluate the damage done. From there, our skilled technicians can set up a plan to extract the water that has collected in your basement. We employ the use of powerful truck-operated pumps as well as wet/dry vacuums to remove all of the water that has built up in your home.

Once we have removed the stagnating water, our technicians can evaluate the level of damage to the structure of your basement. Concrete floors can often build up a chalk-like calcium deposit when exposed to water. Our technicians can clean your floors thoroughly to remove this and then set up a drying plan for the rest of your basement.

Depending on the amount of the damage done by the water, SERVPRO can dry out your walls and any belongings that have sustained water damage. We can do this through the use of tools like dehumidifiers, axial fans, and air movers that can eliminate moisture from the air and your home.

When your home desperately needs water removal services, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 868-3343. We can work to get your home as soon as possible and return your basement to its preloss state.

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Newmarket's Flood Damage Experts

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Newmarket's Flood Damage Experts When a tree branch falls on your house, it could create a hole and allow rain water into your attic and home.

Call SERVPRO After Storm Damage to Start the Restoration Process As Soon As Possible

When a storm breezes into your city, a dangerous environment for your Newmarket home gets created. Storms bring about increased rainfall and high-speed winds. The combination of wind and rain can cause problems to your house.

Sometimes wind flings objects like rocks or branches into your building creating a hole for water to enter. If rainwater gets inside your structure, it is smart to call in SERVPRO's flood damage specialists in Newmarket. It is likely that rainwater ruins contents and building materials and sometimes the water has a high level of contamination.

At times, branches fly into the exterior of your home, leaving the entire building exposed to rain. One common area that is susceptible to damage during a storm is your attic. Our technicians at SERVPRO are IICRC certified and receive specialized training to mitigate issues inside attics.

Water damage inside an attic happens in some different ways. When a tree or branch falls onto your roof, it possibly creates a large hole in your structure. Hard rain, hail or wind sometimes damages roofing materials which in turn possibly causes water damage inside your attic.

Some attics have good access while others are more difficult to enter. If the attic is easily accessed, then structural drying is quite simple. However, if it is not possible to get drying equipment in the tight space, then other measures get taken. Ceilings and insulation sometimes get removed so that air movers and dehumidifiers dry out the structural trusses.

If an attic gets wet enough, water soaks into the insulation inside the ceiling and sometimes causes the drywall to sag. In these situations, the drywall gets removed first then the insulation often gets pumped out, dried then put back in the attic. If the insulation is fiberglass, it quickly dries out and gets saved. Other insulation materials sometimes get discarded and replaced.

Problems inside your attic possibly get worse if you do not do anything to mitigate the problem right away. If you have a storm damaged attic that needs professional attention, call SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 868-3343 for help 24/7.  

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Keep Your Retail Store Running Smoothly With Mold Damage Mitigation Availability In Durham

2/27/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Keep Your Retail Store Running Smoothly With Mold Damage Mitigation Availability In Durham SERVPRO Helps Keep Your Durham Retail Business Open with Mold Remediation

SERVPRO Recommends Controlling the Moisture Levels to Help Prevent the Growth of Mold

Mold is not just a problem that hits homeowners; it can affect retail locations throughout the area as well. When weather systems roll in, you need to make sure you are checking your retail store for mold damage. Since mold can cause health effects that impact a higher number of people gathered within your walls, it is your responsibility to ensure your store remains safe.

Keep your employees, customers, and building integrity secure by hiring an IICRC-industry certified professional with the right equipment, experience, and resources that can do the job right. The right company has trained in all aspects of mold damage remediation, providing help in Durham for virtually any material affected by mold.

If you discover mold in your retail store, many porous materials may be affected. The aprons your employees wear, table clothes used on displays or counters, paper products, and more. SERVPRO can inspect every inch of your store, checking insulation, drywall, carpeting, cement, and those areas that are hard to reach, such as rafters and beams throughout.

SERVPRO can help circulate clean air into your retail store, using air-movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers to dry the entire area and catch airborne mold spores traveling throughout your store looking for a place to land. Our fully trained technicians disinfect a variety of surfaces, such as glass, plastic, concrete, metal, wood, brick, and stone with EPA-registered disinfectants to stop the spread quickly.

Mold can take hold fast, never hesitate to take the opportunity to give us a call. The affected area requires the proper attention within 24 to 48-hours, to prevent things from getting even worse. Limit any losses you might experience by contacting the professional mold remediation team at SERVPRO; we help you learn how to watch for water problems and prevent future exposure. Be ready for health code inspections by keeping your workplace within standard levels of moisture and "mold-free" within a reasonable tolerance.
SERVPRO of Durham has 24/7 emergency cleanup and restoration teams ready to respond to your request for help immediately. We offer services throughout Newmarket, Stratham, Madbury and other surrounding areas, providing quick, efficient mold remediation services you can count on to keep your business running smoothly.

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Fire Damage from the Bathroom Exhaust Fan in Your Durham Home

2/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage from the Bathroom Exhaust Fan in Your Durham Home SERVPRO Says to Keep Bathroom Vents in Durham Free of Lint to Help Prevent Fire and Smoke Damage

Smoke & Fire Cleanup After Electrical Fires are Common

Your exhaust fan in your Durham bathroom is excellent at preventing damp walls, steamed up mirrors, and fogged windows. They are also good at removing odors. However, they also pose a fire risk. Over time, these fans build up lint which insulates the motor and causing heat buildup. The lint provides a fuel source that is easy to ignite. To prevent a fire from occurring to your exhaust fan, it should be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.
When your exhaust fan has gone overlooked and catches fire, you are left to deal with the fire damage and the cleanup. Your Durham home is far from what it used to look like, which can be very daunting and overwhelming. At SERVPRO, we are always standing by to help you after such a disaster. We can clean up the damage efficiently and quickly so your home can go back to its preloss condition.
When cleaning up after a fire, we can vary the aggressiveness of cleaning by controlling our application of the cleaning product. Some materials can suffer damage if exposed to heavy product concentrations. By using different techniques, we control how much product is applied.
Some surfaces or materials in your bathroom could be too fragile to withstand aggressive agitation or a direct application of solvent-based or water-based cleaning products. SERVPRO IICRC certified techs can clean them safely by absorbing residues from the material instead.
To do this, we use absorbent powders. Residues and soils absorb into the powdered and are vacuumed or extracted from the surface along with the powder. Absorbent powders can be effective at removing soils from porous surfaces such as marble, draperies, and fabrics. They are sometimes used along with solvents or other cleaning agents. Soils are treated first with the cleaning agent or solvent; then absorbent powers are put on the treated area. When it is dry, we vacuum the surface. Sometimes, solvents can be mixed with the absorbent powders to make a paste, which is applied and then left to dry before it is vacuumed off.
SERVPRO of Durham recognizes different surfaces in your bathroom in your home in Kingston, Newfields, or Epping. We are careful to use the correct cleaning techniques so as not to damage anything further, so you can feel confident in giving us a call at (603) 868-3343 for help cleaning up.

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Simple Structural Degradation Can Lead To Water Removal In Your Kingston House

2/8/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Simple Structural Degradation Can Lead To Water Removal In Your Kingston House Secure Foundations in Durham to Prevent Water Damage

SERVPRO Tip--Check and Maintain Your Foundation to Prevent and Mitigate Water Damage to Your Property

There are several factors in your Kingston home that can ultimately lead to a water emergency. While most of this is beyond the control of the homeowner, there are some things that you can prevent through a little bit of continued maintenance. Such is the case with cracks and erosion to mortar joints that hold your foundation walls together. While this might not seem all that difficult to manage, this kind of minuscule damage can worsen over time and create a significant water emergency in the right conditions. 

Most people do not go out of their way to visually inspect the structural integrity of their foundation on a regular basis, and there is a lot that gets buried underground that you cannot see. However, for what you can see, regular inspections can aid in preventing substantial water emergencies that require professional water removal services to your Kingston home.  
Our SERVPRO team of certified professionals has gotten extensively trained in water restoration efforts and practices to ensure that every house gets restored to preloss conditions. A combination of our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment work to prevent the problem from getting worse while simultaneously repairing and restoring the present damage.  
Extraction is a primary component of the water removal service, and depending on the severity of the water that is present, can get accomplished with a pump truck from our fleet or vacuums and portable pumps. It is imperative that our team surveys and assesses potential structural damage to ensure that the damage is not worse than initially thought.  
Our SERVPRO professionals look to locate the source of the damage and repair this problem to your foundation. With cracks, holes, and worn mortar joints, the penetration can typically get sealed off with the use of hydraulic cement. The compound is sturdy and can withstand high-pressure water, giving you a lasting solution to the formerly pregnable wall.  
Needing water removal services might seem traumatic, but if you reach out to SERVPRO of Durham quickly, you can rest a little bit easier. Our emergency response team is available anytime you need us by calling (603) 868-3343.

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Understanding Mold Remediation for Your Newmarket Home

2/2/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Understanding Mold Remediation for Your Newmarket Home Finding mold in your home can be overwhelming, SERVPRO technicians are trained and certified to properly and thoroughly remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Offers Thorough Mold Remediation Services

Fungal growth in your Newmarket home is far from common. While you might have encountered moldy, damp basements and attics throughout your life, this is a condition that you should not put off resolving in your own house. Basic research can lead you to “home remedies” for removing colonies of fungus that you might find helpful, but these are typically ineffective for wholly removing the organism seated on the surfaces of the affected region of your home.

The best solution for the remediation of mold damage to your Newmarket home is to hire professional restoration services to handle it for you. Our SERVPRO specialists are uniquely trained to IICRC standards of mold remediation to combat varying severity levels of growth as well as multiple varieties of fungus. Our training gives us a distinct advantage in removing mold colonies, as we have a better understanding of the best remediation methods and equipment for each possible type.

There are several levels of the remediation process, the first of which is isolating the area to prevent the spread of active spores from the mold colonies. The effort begins with shutting off circulation of air in your residence until the remediation gets accomplished. The affected area is isolated, and the spores contained and nullified through our use of negative air chambers.

Scrubbers are used most often to cleanse the surfaces where mold gets spotted deeply. The process removes the farthest reaches of the hyphae, preventing any of the mold colony from survival. Deodorizing is also a necessary component of the remediation process, as this musty scent can become difficult to live with comfortably. Foggers are a typical choice for this process, as the dense fog they create neutralizes foul odor molecules in the air and leaves behind no scent at all.

The remediation process gets completed with the removal of moisture from the air and surfaces by our SERVPRO professionals. Often this can get accomplished with dehumidification equipment. You may get encouraged to continue dehumidification on your own if the source of the moisture is not evident upon inspection.

If you have found mold damage, do not hesitate to call professionals like ours to help. Our SERVPRO of Durham emergency response team is available 24/7 at (603) 868-3343.

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Experienced Flood Damage Technicians In Kingston Help Mitigate Damages

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Experienced Flood Damage Technicians In Kingston Help Mitigate Damages SERVPRO Rises to the Occasion to Remove Stormwaters from Kingston Properties

Rely on the Crews from SERVPRO for Stormwater Removal and Clean Up

Recently, many areas of the country have been plagued by some violent storms. If a storm ever comes through Kingston, there is a good chance the area gets hit with high levels of rain and wind. The combination of large volumes of rain and high winds can cause significant damage to your property.

SERVPRO's flood damage experts in Kingston can come to your aid when your house gets damaged in a storm. Our property restoration teams have experience in dealing with all types of damage rainwater and wind can cause to your home. Flooding and brutal storms can cause problems to the exterior and the inside of your home.
Sometimes wind can cause objects to fly into your house. For example, say during a storm the high winds tear off a tree branch, and it flies into your house. Now there is a hole in your house that rainwater is filling. If you call in SERVPRO, we can help the problem cause as little damage to your home as possible. First off, our restoration team can come in and seal the hole off so that no more water gets into the structure. For emergency service, we can typically use tarps and plywood to mitigate damages. If the water inside the home is excessive, then we can extract all of the water out of the carpet and floor. Then, our team can test moisture levels and see if there is still moisture in the floors and walls. This process can take a short time, or it might take weeks to restore your home to its preloss condition.
If there is still high moisture levels inside the floor and walls of your home after extraction, we can then implement our structural drying process. During this process, we can set up air movers and dehumidifiers to get the moisture levels back to normal. Usually, these devices work in conjunction with the water extraction equipment.
When your house gets damaged in a storm, it is essential to get the problem mitigated quickly so that any damage endured is kept to a minimum. To minimize storm caused damage, call SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 868-3343 for help 24/7.

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