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Dealing With The Moisture Problem After Flood Damage In Durham

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Dealing With The Moisture Problem After Flood Damage In Durham Once we have addressed all possible hazards in the crawl space, removing the standing water is the next step.

Dealing With The Moisture Problem After A Flood

Even without a flood damage incident, accessing a crawl space is always challenging. Their doors are usually small, and since the restoration work requires the use of specialized equipment, you can imagine how arduous it can be to pass through. Having an accessible point of entry is not enough, some equipment such as dehumidifiers might lack enough space upright. We also have to remove the insulation, the mud, and inspect the HVAC system of your Durham property.

Most flood damage incidents in Durham are associated with black or gray water, so, our SERVPRO technicians must wear safety equipment during the restoration process. Remember, most crawl spaces have running electrical circuits, and deactivating them is critical to avoid possible electrical hazards. We also check whether the moisture problem can make the building to collapse and whether it has affected the foundation walls and footings.

Once we have addressed all possible hazards in the crawl space, removing the standing water is the next step. We first identify the lowest point on the site and then use submersible pumps to do water extraction. We also set up a plastic moisture barrier to prevent a possible spread of the water vapor problems. At this point, we are ready to dry the floors, walls, and other structural components.

Where appropriate, we place dehumidifiers and air movers in the structure to enhance the evaporation process. Some situations may force our SERVPRO technicians to do some demolitions to create enough room for the dehumidifiers or air movers. We perform such actions after a thorough consultation with the property owner. After that, we monitor the drying process as we work towards achieving the drying goal.

In instances where the demolitions are not enough to create enough room for the equipment, we might connect flex hoses to dehumidifiers and facilitate the movement of air to the site. Some of the dehumidifiers that our SERVPRO team uses have duct collars that serve this purpose.

SERVPRO of Durham is an industry leader in commercial and residential cleaning and restoration. Call us at (603) 868-3343 and allow our highly trained technicians to the job the right way.

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Unexpected Water Damage In Your Durham Retail Store

7/25/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Unexpected Water Damage In Your Durham Retail Store Don't Be a Dummy, Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Cleanup at Your Durham Clothing Store

Durham Areas Businesses Rely on SERVPRO When in Need of Water Cleanup and Restoration

The strip center that you have your Durham store in likely was not constructed specially for your business. This arrangement of your store situated in the building likely came about due to several other businesses once existing in this spot and moving on for one reason or another. The trouble with aging buildings is that when you move from one leaser to the next, the upkeep up of the building suffers from a lack of concentrated attention.

Over time, elements intended to keep external threats out such as the roof of the building erode and degrade with the winter's freeze and the spring's thawing warmth. Without inspection of this building done on an annual basis, you might be entirely unaware of threats that exist in the immediate future when a severe weather situation occurs. Now you are contending with water damages in your Durham retail store.

Our SERVPRO professionals have the experience and rapid response to help you mitigate much of the damage that your building would receive from such an occurrence. This fact is dependent on the immediacy of your call, however. The objective is to remove the possibility of the situation getting worse by tarping or boarding up leaks and penetrations of your roof to allow our technicians to get to work on restoring what damage exists inside.

Our team of professionals focuses on getting the inside dry and the mess cleaned up so that your business can continue as you would prefer. Regarding getting the roof repaired, our SERVPRO team works alongside many reputable contractors in the area and can help you find a suitable commercial roofing team to repair the damage and assess for more pressing issues.

There are no good ways to prepare for even a small water emergency in your store. Insurance is always an option. With so many high traffic areas and investments that you have made in the stock of the store, there is no time to waste on getting the situation addressed. Give our SERVPRO of Durham specialists a call whenever you need us at (603) 868-3343.

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Preparations For Flash Flooding In Your Durham Residence

7/20/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Preparations For Flash Flooding In Your Durham Residence Flooding and Storm Damage to Durham Homes Needs Swift Water Removal from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Can Provide Fast Service to Mitigate Storm Causing Water Damage

Residents of Durham are no strangers to severe weather that can strike with little warning. As ground becomes overly saturated during periods of heavy rainfall, houses and commercial properties find themselves at risk of flash flooding situations. Often, these scenarios require torrential downpours that last for extended periods of an hour or more, but at times the intensity can be less with steadier rains that lead up to the severe storm.

Flash flooding is a scenario that requires homeowners to act quickly to save the contents of their home from irreparable damages. In these situations, Durham homes that do not typically exist in floodplains are as susceptible to the flood damage as those that are. Preparing for a situation like this might take considerable work, but it can help you to stay better protected from the unexpected.

One of the services that our SERVPRO team offers is a simple inspection into the structural integrity and strength of your foundation. This area of your home is one of the first lines of defense against a sudden barrage of floodwater. This inspection can help you to identify vulnerabilities in your home's exterior wall before you are testing its resolve against a natural disaster.

Some homeowners do not anticipate a problem, then it happens, and you need someone to show up quickly and help you preserve the contents of your home from getting ruined. We have a solution. A pack out service from our SERVPRO technicians has us arriving quickly and removing the at-risk items in your home and taking them someplace safe, generally our facility, for drying and restoration work even as we pump out the stormwater from your home. A pack-out also frees up space inside the structure for more freedom of movement for the water removal and drying processes.

Flash flooding can happen quickly and with only a limited warning. The best thing that you can do is to prepare your home for this possibility with a preemptive inspection and the right professional team of restorers to remove the mess and bring your home back to its prior condition. You can depend on our SERVPRO of North Durham rapid response team, and reach us 24/7 by calling (919) 467-0880.

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Preventing the Spread of Mold Damage in Your Durham Property

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Preventing the Spread of Mold Damage in Your Durham Property Mold Remediation and Cleanup for Durham Properties--Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Provides Durham Homes with Professional Mold Remediation

Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, some factors may lead to mold damage. For instance, you might experience the mold problem after flooding, foundation leaks, or plumbing leaks. If a musty smell develops after a water intrusion incident, it is time to work with a professional and prevent significant damage to your Durham property.
Let us begin by looking at the common problems that mold damage causes in Durham when it grows in basements. Usually, mold grows in moist conditions, and if your basement has organic contents such as carpeting, insulation, sheetrock and wood framing, there is the possibility of experiencing this kind of damage. As the air moves from the basement to the upper living spaces, it might lead to health effects. If you work with our SERVPRO technicians, we can keep such issues under control by ensuring the moisture level in your property is low and checking whether ventilation and waterproofing are correctly set up.
When our SERVPRO technicians are performing mold cleanup and remediation, we begin by doing a detailed inspection. During the inspection, we identify the source of the water and the extent of the damage. If the water was coming from a leaking plumbing system, we can repair it and stop the flow if it is a minor fix. For substantial repair work, we recommend that our customer calls a plumber. Movements and vibrations at the site can make the mold spores move to uncontaminated areas. That is why we always put containment measures in place.
As a containment measure, we can surround the area with a poly barrier that is 4 mil to 6 mils thick. After that, we can introduce negative pressure and perform HEPA filtration around the containment to minimize the movement of mold spores. We can also set up a decontamination chamber, where our SERVPRO technicians can clean tools, masks, and suites, before re-entering the site. Installation of zipper doors can also limit the spread of spores.
Do not get upset when you experience water, fire, mold, and storm damage. Call SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 868-3343 for stress-free commercial and residential restoration services.

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We Provide Fast Fire Damage Restoration In Durham

7/3/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage We Provide Fast Fire Damage Restoration In Durham Fires in the home can be a frightening experience for families.

Fast Fire Damage Restoration

Fires in the home can be a frightening experience for families. Acting fast and calling professionals is the best way to protect your property. We arrive within hours after you contact us and come prepared to restore your home. Our quick response time can minimize structural damage and may save many of your household items.

We highly train our SERVPRO technicians in Durham in fire damage cleanup and restoration. The fire team quickly extinguished the fire, which minimized the damage to your home, but a large amount of water was needed to complete the job. Typically, migration is part of fire restoration. Depending on the amount of water, our crew may use pumps, vacuums or extractors during the water removal phase. Also, our techs dry the structure after extracting water. The team may use fans, air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the affected areas thoroughly.

Soot, dirt and smoke residue covers the walls, floors, and ceiling. We advise against washing or wiping residues from the structure. Our expert fire damage team can perform a thorough inspection to evaluate the level of damage. We can perform minor repairs like taping to protect the property or boarding a broken window. For any additional structural repairs, we suggest homeowners contact a general contractor.

Our certified SERVPRO crew may use industrial air scrubbers, fans and fogging equipment to remove strong smoke odors. Plus, they can apply professional grade cleaning products to remove soot, dirt and fire residues from the ceiling, walls, and floors. We clean salvageable items in the home with our powerful odor removal products that neutralize and remove smoke odors. Our technicians discard burned items such as boxes, furniture, and clothing. The items that the crew saves are cleaned and sanitized and kept safe until the crew restores the structure.

When possible, you can trust our skilled SERVPRO of Durham fire damage techs to restore your home to its preloss condition. We work fast and aim to make homeowners feel “Like it never even happened.” Call us 24/7 at (603) 868-3343.

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Getting Your Newmarket Home Dry After Water Damages

6/24/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Getting Your Newmarket Home Dry After Water Damages When your washing machine malfunctions and sends many gallons of water onto your floor, call SERVPRO. Contact us right away for best results.

Team SERVPRO Employs Many Methods to Dry Out Your Home After Water Damage

Among the many ways that you have set out to make your Newmarket home a little more comfortable and convenient, the purchase and installation of appliances have to rank very high on this list. With the simplicity of machine labor, you have a lot more free time and do not have to work as hard. Unfortunately, with water fed appliances, you are also always at the risk of a potential disaster.

Even if the water damage to your Newmarket home is not substantial, it is still advisable to pursue professional restoration services. With the widespread nature of water, many areas can get affected in a short period with no way of the homeowner knowing. While you might work to correct the damage you can see, dampness and moisture from the incident continue to plague the areas like subflooring and wall cavities.

Fortunately for you, our SERVPRO professionals have the tools and the expertise to make a difference in your water damaged home. From extraction solutions to thoroughly drying the areas, we work as quickly as possible to return your home to preloss conditions. While extraction might not always be a requirement, drying the area thoroughly continues to be in every water damage scenario.

To dry the area as it needs to be, our SERVPRO technicians often have to remove portions of drywall and paneling to access confined spaces in between the walls if those areas are discovered to get affected. The same goes for the areas beneath the flooring, into the support and subflooring materials that can often become overly saturated.

Several tools are necessary to dry out the affected area of your home. While the process usually consists of air movers and dehumidifiers, the injectidry system and large drying mats are also regularly in the rotation for drying out hard to reach places.

Appliances can cause a headache for any homeowner when they malfunction and spew water onto the floors. Our SERVPRO of Durham water damage specialists have all of the tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and correctly. Give us a call 24/7 aat a (603) 868-3343.

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Restoration of Commercial Water Damage Protects Durham Bakeries from Future Crises

6/8/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoration of Commercial Water Damage Protects Durham Bakeries from Future Crises Keep the sweet treats in stock with water damage restoration with SERVPRO.

Water Damage Restoration by SERVPRO

Fresh bread out of the oven smells terrific, but few people can take the time to do this on a regular basis. Most residents in Durham rely on local bakeries to supply the needs of fresh baked goods, from loaves of bread to sweet doughnuts and other treats. Bakeries must adhere to strict standards of cleanliness regarding both equipment and building interiors.

One disaster that can make continued production difficult for a bakery in Durham is the existence of commercial water damage. This kind of damage comes in many forms and can cover a large area in a bakery's building, sometimes before you notice its presence. SERVPRO professionals know how to remove the effects of this and other kinds of damage that can happen within a business' interior. Removing such damage and anything affected by it starts the restoration process.

We clean damaged or otherwise adversely affected equipment, including mixers, bakeware, utensils, counters, and cabinetry. SERVPRO works with many local businesses so they can remain vital parts of our local economy and your bakery, like other food-producing businesses, must follow regulations to provide a healthy product to the public. The friendly restoration experts at SERVPRO know how to mitigate such damaging effects and keep them from spreading further.

Crumbling walls and other structural components, flaking paint and varnishes, deteriorating plastics and rubber trim, and other problems may not seem substantial enough to create concern. However, such decay can permit rodent and insect infestations to develop. These problems can undoubtedly pose health hazards to your employees, also, and create an unsafe working environment. SERVPRO understands the enormity of such situations and works quickly to restore safe conditions for both your employees and your customers again.

Removing such materials and replacing them helps restore the state of your building, but we also must locate the source of the water. In rare cases, we find that the water's intrusion was a one-time event, such as an overflowing basin, but in the majority of situations, ongoing leaks or drips cause water damage. We stop these after locating them with our moisture detection devices, including infrared imaging scanners.

SERVPRO of Durham wants to help your bakery rise to the top once again after you discover signs of water damage in your building. Call us at (603) 868-3343 if your bakery is located in or around Newmarket or Madbury and we can help you make it "Like it never even happened."

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It Is Not Always Your Durham Basement That Experiences Flood Damages

6/5/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage It Is Not Always Your Durham Basement That Experiences Flood Damages Flooding Greatly Damages Foundations and Structures in Dover Properties--Seek Help from SERVPRO Fast to Limit Water Damages

SERVPRO Suggests to Homeowners in Durham to Respond to Flooding Quickly to Mitigate Damages

As a Durham homeowner, you likely can attest to the severe weather systems that can roll through the area with little warning. Planning for these storms is almost impossible, leading you to rely heavily on the fortifications of your home and its solid construction to ward off the risks associated with heavy rainfall and flooding conditions.

Even if your basement and foundation walls are durable and well-constructed, other areas of your Durham home could allow these flood damages to occur. For example, if high winds pull shingles off of your roof, this could expose the construction materials underneath and test the limitations of the build in preventing high volumes of water from passing through.

When you first discover water can penetrate into your home, you should seek the experience and expertise of our SERVPRO professionals. We respond quickly to your call, no matter when it happens, to help you limit the damages that your home experiences and save the contents of your home from becoming unsalvageably ruined.

Extraction is not always a requirement for these kinds of calls if the source of the immediate damages can get found and repaired. For substantial rebuilds and reconstruction, this work must precede restoration by a certified residential contractor or company of your choosing before our SERVPRO team can do our work.

Thoroughly drying the area is one of the essential components to our restoration process because it prevents structural components from getting weaker, exposes severely damaged areas which require replacement, and prevent secondary damages like mold growth from occurring as well.

Overcoming flood damages in your home is not something that every homeowner gets prepared to face. Fortunately, this is not a battle that you have to fight alone, as our SERVPRO of Durham flood restoration specialists are always available to help you overcome all of the damages caused by this disaster and to return your home to preloss conditions. You can reach us at any time by calling (603) 868-3343.

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Attic Space Sustaining Mold Damage in Durham Places the Entire Home at Risk

6/1/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Attic Space Sustaining Mold Damage in Durham Places the Entire Home at Risk If mold damage is found in your attic, call SERVPRO 24/7 for help

How to address mold damage in your attic space

Over the winter, ice dams and small leaks can permit water from melting snow to enter into the uppermost regions of your Durham home. The attic may not receive much traffic from your family, but microbes still exist there in substantial numbers.

The lack of time spent in the attic of your Durham home can mean mold damage can take over large areas before you notice anything wrong. If this mold enters into any holes or other imperfections in your air system's ductwork, mold particles and spores can soon become a problem in your living space down below the attic. We clean visible mold from unfinished wood in attics quite often with non-toxic methods.

SERVPRO's Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) use methods similar to sandblasting, but without the sand, to remove microscopic organisms harbored in your attic. After we finish, we use a HEPA-filtered vacuum to remove both the mold particles and spores, as well as the solid agents used to blast the microbes off surfaces.

As always, before beginning our work, we protect ourselves with personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and air filtering masks. We also protect your living area from contamination by enclosing your attic space and turning off the air system. Reducing the number of spores that migrate into other areas of your home keeps your microbial population much more controllable.

To further protect your home from microbial damage, we can discuss the need for an air scrubber that efficiently removes any particles in the air, including mold particles and spores. Air scrubbers keep any mold that escaped when you discovered it growing in your attic from restarting a new colony downstairs. Our machines change the air inside a home rather quickly, so they do not need to run for an extended period.

SERVPRO of Durham sends technicians to homes and businesses in the Newfields, Kingston, and Stratham areas to perform mold damage remediation. If you discover mold or other microbial colonization occurring in your home, call us at our local emergency service line number, (603) 868-3343, so we can assist you in maintaining a healthy interior environment for your family.

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When Your Durham Home Suffers Substantial Water Damages

5/18/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage When Your Durham Home Suffers Substantial Water Damages SERVPRO of Durham is here to inspect, assess, and restore your property back to preloss condition.

SERVPRO is Here For You When Water Damage Strikes Your Durham Home

As a homeowner, your Durham residence is always on your mind regarding how you can make it better equipped to withstand the forces of nature and the damages that these instances can do to your home. Unfortunately, even with the most diligent of homeowners taking the most extreme of precautions, you cannot plan for the possibility of internal water emergencies or issues that pose a threat all on their own.

Your Durham home can fall victim to water damages with little notice or warning, especially with instances like appliance failure and degradation. Water-fed machines like your washing machine or dishwasher often do not age well, and simple components like bushings are all that stand in the way of preventing overfilling. When these parts malfunction or break, your appliances continually get fed water (overflowing onto the floors in the area) until you manually shut down the supply line.

Our SERVPRO team has seen all manner of disasters like these throughout our time serving customers in our communities. While every situation differs slightly, our unique training allows us to handle every water damage situation that we might encounter, and become a clear choice for those looking for professional restoration done right.

The process begins with an assessment of the damages and a determination of what we need to restore your home back to the way it should be. Often these situations require extraction of present pooling water, which typically gets achieved with the use of portable pumps and wet-vacs. For more extreme extraction needs, we can dispatch a pump truck from our SERVPRO fleet.

Drying the area is a critical component to restoration. It is essential that the area is thoroughly dried to prevent further damage to structural components or worsening damages like microbial growth.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When it comes to overcoming water damages of any severity in your home, you want to make sure that the job gets done correctly. You can always put your trust in our SERVPRO of Durham restoration specialists to help you clean up the mess and move on from the damages. Give us a call 24/7 at (603) 868-3343.

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