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Our Experienced Technicians Are Ready To Restore Your Durham Home After A Flood Damage Disaster

6/5/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Experienced Technicians Are Ready To Restore Your Durham Home After A Flood Damage Disaster Storm damage demands rapid removal of water and debris. We our the wise choice to mitigate the storm damage and salvage your belongings.

Drying Out the Flood Damaged Materials of Your Durham Home

Floods that submerge homes in Durham visibly damage the softer elements inside, such as walls made of paneling or drywall. Harder components, such as concrete, brick, and solid wood also sustain damage during a flood, although the evidence does not become apparent immediately.

When SERVPRO performs flood damage mitigation in Durham to restore a customer's home from the ravages of flood damage, the interior components play a major role in the timing that takes place with our different pieces of equipment. Some materials can suffer harm when drying happens too slowly or too quickly, and our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training helps us work within corresponding parameters.

Wood trim and flooring can hold water behind and underneath them, as well as inside. We usually remove some of the boards so that the air currents generated by our drying equipment can reach into these spaces. We dry these slowly to prevent rapid changes in moisture content, as such alterations can cause splintering. Our goal is to use the most effective techniques at every stage of your home's mitigation and restoration.
After making flood cuts in softer wall materials like paneling, we start drying the area out. The interiors of opened walls dry faster when we direct air currents into the opened spaces. The pores in these materials come in rather large sizes compared to the pores found in brick and cement, and their wider diameters let moisture escape more rapidly. Capturing this water vapor keeps it from affecting other materials, especially those that require more extensive drying periods.

We wash previously submerged brick and similar surfaces down with a power washer to remove any grime or residue from the flood, spray it with a disinfectant, and then repeat the washing process to ensure that the surface no longer contains anything harmful. Drying this kind of substance takes extra long to finish because the size of the pores prevents moisture from evaporating into the air. We often use heated air currents to pull water out of these materials. When we make sure to dry brick, mortar, and concrete walls thoroughly, particularly the ones that form part of exterior walls, we prevent future problems from occurring during the winter months.

SERVPRO of Durham is always ready to send out experienced and IICRC-certified professionals to mitigate flood damage in our local communities, including Madbury, Epping, and Newfields. Our number, (603) 868-3343, is answered 24/7, year-round, including holidays.

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Our SERVPRO Heroes Are Here For You When Flood Disasters Strike

4/22/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our SERVPRO Heroes Are Here For You When Flood Disasters Strike Our technicians have the expertise to extract, clean, and restore your damaged home from all flood type of disasters.

Basement Flood Damage Cleanup in a Durham Residence

Flooding is the most common--and costly--natural disaster in New Hampshire. In April alone, some cities can expect as much as 4" of rain. When flooding from significant rains seep into your finished basement and leave you with soggy walls and flooring, handling it on your own can seem to be an impossible task to undertake. 

When you discover flood damage in your Durham home's basement, SERVPRO technicians can restore your structure to its pre-flood condition. Our professionals are available at any time of day to address your disaster and mitigate long-term damage from moisture.

Our team uses several tools to evaluate moisture on your property so that we can get an idea of damage to your flooring and structural elements behind drywall. For example, infrared cameras may be used to evaluate moisture in or behind drywall or sheetrock. Moisture meters are frequently used to assess moisture in a variety of surfaces, while moisture sensors are a useful preliminary measure of water absorption in porous surfaces. Thermal imaging and moisture meters can be used after extraction to confirm a surface is dry.

SERVPRO technicians can construct polyethylene partitions that accelerate drying and contain moisture. This moisture can be eliminated through air movers and dehumidifiers, which are positioned to pull moisture out of surfaces, extract the water, and turn it into warm, dry air. It is crucial to establish a balance of air movement and dehumidification - too many air movers in a water-damaged space can overwhelm dehumidifiers, while too few air movers mean slower drying. Air movers can be placed at 45-degree angles to the walls affected by moisture collection, approximately 10 to 16 linear feet apart. In most Class 1 water damage cases, air movers are positioned roughly 150 to 300 square feet apart but can be moved closer to 50 to 60 square feet apart in situations where a significant amount of wet carpet or other surfaces need drying.

SERVPRO of Durham is ready to address and restore your home after a flood disaster 24/7. If your home needs emergency disaster cleanup, give us a call today at (603) 868-3343.

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Why We Are The Leader In Flood Damage Restoration In Durham

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Why We Are The Leader In Flood Damage Restoration In Durham We have specialized equipment to help us restore your home from flood damage. We are available 24/7 so don't hesitate and call us right away.

Flood Damage Cleanup for Your Durham Home

If floodwaters have severely damaged your Durham home, the cleanup process and repairs that are needed can seem insurmountable. You have to act fast before the water does more damage.

Flood damage to your Durham home requires the help of a professional remediation company such as SERVPRO. Floodwaters can not only cause a great deal of damage to your home, but they can be dangerous to traverse because of contamination and debris. Let our staff handle the cleanup instead with our training and equipment.

Although the situation is overwhelming, you do not want to wait to call us for help – not even for a few days. Once you have determined everyone is safe, including your pets, it is time to start the restoration process. You should take any pictures that you can first before reaching out to your insurance company and before any cleanup happens. Doing so helps to ensure you get the coverage you need.

SERVPRO staff checks the extent of the damage after we arrive at your home. We wear protective gear to keep all our workers safe while we deal with the water and get your home back to usual condition. Heavy-duty, truck-mounted pumps help us remove as much standing water as possible. Then, we can proceed with the drying process.

We use a variety of specialized equipment to help us remove the rest of the moisture from your home, such as moisture sensors, dehumidifiers, and centrifugal air movers. Devices are monitored daily and moved around the affected areas as needed to ensure we achieve the fastest drying time and avoid other damage such as mold growth.

Many times, in a flood damage situation, we remove some of your possessions and furniture to an off-site location for restoration while we restore your home. Everything is returned and put back in place when we finish cleaning your structure.

At SERVPRO of Durham, we understand that getting your home in Newmarket, Kingston, or Stratham back to its safe, dry condition is of utmost importance for you and your family. Give us a call right away at (603) 868-3343 as soon as the storms subside, and you and your family are safely out of the home.

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Need Flood Damage Remediation? It's Easy If You Contact Our IICRC Certified SERVPRO Team in Durham

2/8/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Need Flood Damage Remediation? It's Easy If You Contact Our IICRC Certified SERVPRO Team in Durham Flooding in your home will not just subside on its own. Ignoring it will just lead to a mold infestation. Contact SERVPRO for water removal.

Intense Storms Can Cause Little Bay to Flood Your Durham Home

Whenever a city has formed alongside a body of water, such as a lake, a river, or even an ocean, flood damage is always a possibility for the residents who live there. A severe storm can cause the water levels to rise and spread, hitting any homes who live along the shore. On the case of your home overlooking Little Bay, a severe rainstorm caused water levels to rise just enough to flood the entryway of your home. The tile floor, the base of the walls, and the brief flight of stairs that lifts the main floor away from the ground have all been exposed to stagnant water.

If the flood damage in your Durham home is ignored for too long, it can have severe consequences for the longevity of your home. It only takes three days for microbial growth to begin when your home has been exposed to water damage. As the water sits, mold damage can begin to form. Not only does the problem in your house become even more expensive as you leave it, but mold damage can cause health effects in whoever lives inside. The best way the deal with the flood damage inside of your home is to reach out for help as soon as possible.

SERVPRO firmly believes in arriving at your home as soon as possible. We do not like to leave things waiting, as it only allows the problem to grow and get worse. Not to mention, SERVPRO understands how stressful these kinds of situations can be on you as a homeowner. Getting there as swiftly as possible allows us to jump right into the remediation and gives it a better chance to go as smoothly as possible.

At SERVPRO, we always use advanced technology whenever we go to a job. To clean up the standing water in your entryway, we can use pieces of equipment such as portable pumps and wet/dry vacuums. Both of these devices allow us to extract water from your home as quickly as possible. However, merely removing the water is not enough. Our SERVPRO IICRC-techs must also remove any moisture lingering inside of the floor or the walls. SERVPRO can use drying flood mats and dehumidifiers in conjunction with air movers and ventilation fans to encourage the moisture lingering inside of your home to evaporate.

If a sudden storm causes flood damage inside of your home, always get help as soon as you can. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Durham by dialing (603) 868-3343. We are always ready to send a team of technicians to your home.

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The Clock is Ticking. Why the First 48 Hours Matter After a Flood in Your Durham Home

11/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Clock is Ticking.  Why the First 48 Hours Matter After a Flood in Your Durham Home Removing standing water within the first 48 hours significantly reduces damage to your home.

The truth is that the first 24-48 hours after a flood are crucial to your home’s restoration process. It is also true that damage occurring in your Durham area home continues, long after the water returns from wherever it may have originated. You only have a short window before your belongings, furniture, and other contents become permanently damaged.

Flood damage on your Durham property quickly makes its way through a series of cosmetic changes within just the first few hours of saturation, easily leaving stains on your carpeting or furniture and seriously harming appliances and electrical items that are all a regular part of our everyday lives. You can overcome this situation though; all you need to do is understand what water is doing to your home.

The following 12-24 hours allow bacteria to form in stagnant water, and for more permanent damages to form on various surface materials found in your home. In as little as 48 hours mold sets in, causing an entirely new set of circumstances. You may want to take it upon yourself to begin your restoration, but the truth is that you are most likely making things worse. Unless you have the equipment, resources, and personnel to perform flood damage services of your own, call SERVPRO for help.

SERVPRO has IICRC-industry certified technicians ready at a moments notice to attend to all of your needs, 24/7. Our entire staff works with you to get things back to normal fast and relieve the amount of stress involved in restoring your home to its former glory. We can perform a variety of personal, caring services that help limit any losses you might experience.

SERVPRO’s services were designed to both help you prepare and recover quickly. Our technicians can help you understand which areas of your home are more susceptible to flooding and provide solutions that minimize your losses. Low-lying areas, areas near water, behind a levee or near a dam, stream, gully, or creek all seem harmless until flooding begins.

SERVPRO of Durham can also help you determine whether additional drainage or sump pumps can assist in your time of need with highly trained personnel, ready to clean and restore your home whenever you need us. Call us 24/7 at (603) 868-3343.

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Dealing With The Moisture Problem After Flood Damage In Durham

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Dealing With The Moisture Problem After Flood Damage In Durham Once we have addressed all possible hazards in the crawl space, removing the standing water is the next step.

Dealing With The Moisture Problem After A Flood

Even without a flood damage incident, accessing a crawl space is always challenging. Their doors are usually small, and since the restoration work requires the use of specialized equipment, you can imagine how arduous it can be to pass through. Having an accessible point of entry is not enough, some equipment such as dehumidifiers might lack enough space upright. We also have to remove the insulation, the mud, and inspect the HVAC system of your Durham property.

Most flood damage incidents in Durham are associated with black or gray water, so, our SERVPRO technicians must wear safety equipment during the restoration process. Remember, most crawl spaces have running electrical circuits, and deactivating them is critical to avoid possible electrical hazards. We also check whether the moisture problem can make the building to collapse and whether it has affected the foundation walls and footings.

Once we have addressed all possible hazards in the crawl space, removing the standing water is the next step. We first identify the lowest point on the site and then use submersible pumps to do water extraction. We also set up a plastic moisture barrier to prevent a possible spread of the water vapor problems. At this point, we are ready to dry the floors, walls, and other structural components.

Where appropriate, we place dehumidifiers and air movers in the structure to enhance the evaporation process. Some situations may force our SERVPRO technicians to do some demolitions to create enough room for the dehumidifiers or air movers. We perform such actions after a thorough consultation with the property owner. After that, we monitor the drying process as we work towards achieving the drying goal.

In instances where the demolitions are not enough to create enough room for the equipment, we might connect flex hoses to dehumidifiers and facilitate the movement of air to the site. Some of the dehumidifiers that our SERVPRO team uses have duct collars that serve this purpose.

SERVPRO of Durham is an industry leader in commercial and residential cleaning and restoration. Call us at (603) 868-3343 and allow our highly trained technicians to the job the right way.

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Preparations For Flash Flooding In Your Durham Residence

7/20/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Preparations For Flash Flooding In Your Durham Residence Flooding and Storm Damage to Durham Homes Needs Swift Water Removal from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Can Provide Fast Service to Mitigate Storm Causing Water Damage

Residents of Durham are no strangers to severe weather that can strike with little warning. As ground becomes overly saturated during periods of heavy rainfall, houses and commercial properties find themselves at risk of flash flooding situations. Often, these scenarios require torrential downpours that last for extended periods of an hour or more, but at times the intensity can be less with steadier rains that lead up to the severe storm.

Flash flooding is a scenario that requires homeowners to act quickly to save the contents of their home from irreparable damages. In these situations, Durham homes that do not typically exist in floodplains are as susceptible to the flood damage as those that are. Preparing for a situation like this might take considerable work, but it can help you to stay better protected from the unexpected.

One of the services that our SERVPRO team offers is a simple inspection into the structural integrity and strength of your foundation. This area of your home is one of the first lines of defense against a sudden barrage of floodwater. This inspection can help you to identify vulnerabilities in your home's exterior wall before you are testing its resolve against a natural disaster.

Some homeowners do not anticipate a problem, then it happens, and you need someone to show up quickly and help you preserve the contents of your home from getting ruined. We have a solution. A pack out service from our SERVPRO technicians has us arriving quickly and removing the at-risk items in your home and taking them someplace safe, generally our facility, for drying and restoration work even as we pump out the stormwater from your home. A pack-out also frees up space inside the structure for more freedom of movement for the water removal and drying processes.

Flash flooding can happen quickly and with only a limited warning. The best thing that you can do is to prepare your home for this possibility with a preemptive inspection and the right professional team of restorers to remove the mess and bring your home back to its prior condition. You can depend on our SERVPRO of North Durham rapid response team, and reach us 24/7 by calling (919) 467-0880.

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It Is Not Always Your Durham Basement That Experiences Flood Damages

6/5/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage It Is Not Always Your Durham Basement That Experiences Flood Damages Flooding Greatly Damages Foundations and Structures in Dover Properties--Seek Help from SERVPRO Fast to Limit Water Damages

SERVPRO Suggests to Homeowners in Durham to Respond to Flooding Quickly to Mitigate Damages

As a Durham homeowner, you likely can attest to the severe weather systems that can roll through the area with little warning. Planning for these storms is almost impossible, leading you to rely heavily on the fortifications of your home and its solid construction to ward off the risks associated with heavy rainfall and flooding conditions.

Even if your basement and foundation walls are durable and well-constructed, other areas of your Durham home could allow these flood damages to occur. For example, if high winds pull shingles off of your roof, this could expose the construction materials underneath and test the limitations of the build in preventing high volumes of water from passing through.

When you first discover water can penetrate into your home, you should seek the experience and expertise of our SERVPRO professionals. We respond quickly to your call, no matter when it happens, to help you limit the damages that your home experiences and save the contents of your home from becoming unsalvageably ruined.

Extraction is not always a requirement for these kinds of calls if the source of the immediate damages can get found and repaired. For substantial rebuilds and reconstruction, this work must precede restoration by a certified residential contractor or company of your choosing before our SERVPRO team can do our work.

Thoroughly drying the area is one of the essential components to our restoration process because it prevents structural components from getting weaker, exposes severely damaged areas which require replacement, and prevent secondary damages like mold growth from occurring as well.

Overcoming flood damages in your home is not something that every homeowner gets prepared to face. Fortunately, this is not a battle that you have to fight alone, as our SERVPRO of Durham flood restoration specialists are always available to help you overcome all of the damages caused by this disaster and to return your home to preloss conditions. You can reach us at any time by calling (603) 868-3343.

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SERVPRO Gets Your Flood Damaged Durham Home Livable Faster

4/18/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO Gets Your Flood Damaged Durham Home Livable Faster SERVPRO'S Green Fleet Follows the Yellows Lines to Your Property in Durham for Flood Water Extraction

Methods, Skills, Equipment and Experience Help for Rapid Floodwater Removal and Restoration

Flood damage can create a major impediment to day-to-day life in your home, even if the damage is relatively light. Flooding can knock out entire rooms, sections, or floors of a building, making them dangerous to navigate through and impossible to live in. SERVPRO has, through decades of experience and research, developed an approach to flooding that allows us to be in and out of your home as fast as possible to minimize the burden placed on you. So, how do we do it?

Fast Responses
SERVPRO technicians are ready on a 24/7 basis to respond quickly to calls about flood damage in Durham and surrounding communities. Being available at all hours allows us to protect homeowners from disaster even when it strikes in the dead of night and hours of precious time would otherwise tick away. Within four hours of your first call, our representatives arrive on the scene and begin mitigation work that prevents additional damage from happening and takes care of pressing issues on the spot. As a result, we save days or weeks of time and thousands of dollars in expenses during our restoration procedures and get your home back to a livable state in as little time as possible. "Like it never even happened."

Efficient Restorations
Our restoration work focuses on maximizing efficiency in two regards: time and cost. We specifically select innovative strategies and plans that, while more complicated and technologically involved than traditional solutions, take care of drying and restorative tasks far faster and more reliably than in decades past. Furthermore, our technicians take care not to employ redundant or unnecessary strategies if they are not needed to keep costs down. We also keep every part of your home in mind during our work and carefully monitor conditions to make sure that no changes are allowed to go unchecked.
SERVPRO of Durham has helped local homeowners to recover from flood damage disasters for years and has access to national-scale resource networks to make sure that your home receives the care it deserves. Call us at (603) 868-3343.

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Newmarket's Flood Damage Experts

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Newmarket's Flood Damage Experts When a tree branch falls on your house, it could create a hole and allow rain water into your attic and home.

Call SERVPRO After Storm Damage to Start the Restoration Process As Soon As Possible

When a storm breezes into your city, a dangerous environment for your Newmarket home gets created. Storms bring about increased rainfall and high-speed winds. The combination of wind and rain can cause problems to your house.

Sometimes wind flings objects like rocks or branches into your building creating a hole for water to enter. If rainwater gets inside your structure, it is smart to call in SERVPRO's flood damage specialists in Newmarket. It is likely that rainwater ruins contents and building materials and sometimes the water has a high level of contamination.

At times, branches fly into the exterior of your home, leaving the entire building exposed to rain. One common area that is susceptible to damage during a storm is your attic. Our technicians at SERVPRO are IICRC certified and receive specialized training to mitigate issues inside attics.

Water damage inside an attic happens in some different ways. When a tree or branch falls onto your roof, it possibly creates a large hole in your structure. Hard rain, hail or wind sometimes damages roofing materials which in turn possibly causes water damage inside your attic.

Some attics have good access while others are more difficult to enter. If the attic is easily accessed, then structural drying is quite simple. However, if it is not possible to get drying equipment in the tight space, then other measures get taken. Ceilings and insulation sometimes get removed so that air movers and dehumidifiers dry out the structural trusses.

If an attic gets wet enough, water soaks into the insulation inside the ceiling and sometimes causes the drywall to sag. In these situations, the drywall gets removed first then the insulation often gets pumped out, dried then put back in the attic. If the insulation is fiberglass, it quickly dries out and gets saved. Other insulation materials sometimes get discarded and replaced.

Problems inside your attic possibly get worse if you do not do anything to mitigate the problem right away. If you have a storm damaged attic that needs professional attention, call SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 868-3343 for help 24/7.  

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Experienced Flood Damage Technicians In Kingston Help Mitigate Damages

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Experienced Flood Damage Technicians In Kingston Help Mitigate Damages SERVPRO Rises to the Occasion to Remove Stormwaters from Kingston Properties

Rely on the Crews from SERVPRO for Stormwater Removal and Clean Up

Recently, many areas of the country have been plagued by some violent storms. If a storm ever comes through Kingston, there is a good chance the area gets hit with high levels of rain and wind. The combination of large volumes of rain and high winds can cause significant damage to your property.

SERVPRO's flood damage experts in Kingston can come to your aid when your house gets damaged in a storm. Our property restoration teams have experience in dealing with all types of damage rainwater and wind can cause to your home. Flooding and brutal storms can cause problems to the exterior and the inside of your home.
Sometimes wind can cause objects to fly into your house. For example, say during a storm the high winds tear off a tree branch, and it flies into your house. Now there is a hole in your house that rainwater is filling. If you call in SERVPRO, we can help the problem cause as little damage to your home as possible. First off, our restoration team can come in and seal the hole off so that no more water gets into the structure. For emergency service, we can typically use tarps and plywood to mitigate damages. If the water inside the home is excessive, then we can extract all of the water out of the carpet and floor. Then, our team can test moisture levels and see if there is still moisture in the floors and walls. This process can take a short time, or it might take weeks to restore your home to its preloss condition.
If there is still high moisture levels inside the floor and walls of your home after extraction, we can then implement our structural drying process. During this process, we can set up air movers and dehumidifiers to get the moisture levels back to normal. Usually, these devices work in conjunction with the water extraction equipment.
When your house gets damaged in a storm, it is essential to get the problem mitigated quickly so that any damage endured is kept to a minimum. To minimize storm caused damage, call SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 868-3343 for help 24/7.

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Ocean, River, and Rain Water All Contribute to Flood Damage Risk in Newmarket

11/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Ocean, River, and Rain Water All Contribute to Flood Damage Risk in Newmarket A quick response from our trained technicians can make all the difference when your home is facing a flooding situation. Contact SERVPRO right away.

Our Technicians Arrive Quickly With Equipment and Manpower to Dry Out Your Flooded Property

The Granite State suffers from flash flooding when torrential rains pound the area. Exacerbating the destructive power of the rain is the potential in Newmarket for the Lamprey River to overflow its banks and Great Bay to produce a storm surge if the weather conditions are right. Homes in Newmarket are at risk of damage from flooding, requiring a fast and efficient professional response.
Flood damage in Newmarket is like no other disaster, storm-swollen waters soaking yards, businesses, and homes. The response to flood damage must be immediate, as the longer the waters invade a residence, the more likely that structural damage is a result. The scale of the flooding demands restoration efforts be made by trained technicians, using high-capacity water control equipment.
Homes that feature living areas in their lower levels are particularly vulnerable to flood damage. Family rooms or expansion bedrooms face ruin when flood waters creep up the walls and soak through carpeting. SERVPRO flood damage response crews base their successful flood damage restoration efforts upon the advanced training received. State of the art equipment and proven water removal and drying methodologies form the basis of our award-winning flood restoration services.
Water removal is accomplished using powerful pumps and high-efficiency extractors. The training SERVPRO crew members master in Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) courses make a difference. The need for a speedy response is emphasized, and proper techniques stress the removal of water completely, without causing further damage to the structure or fixtures in the affected areas. Carpeting, for example, can survive a flood but risks secondary damage if the individuals handling the heavy-duty water extractors are poorly prepared to operate the tools. Stretching, tearing, and delamination are all threats when an inexperienced attempt to remove the water occurs.
Professionals from SERVPRO know how to suction the water from both the carpeting and its pad using weighted wands, patiently and skillfully moving over areas until all apparent water is gone. Often the padding can be dried in place, but our crews may decide to remove and replace it as a relatively inexpensive fix when the contamination risk is high, and the padding remediation is taking longer than expected.
The key to a successful flooding restoration in a living area is that balance between speed of cleaning and drying thoroughness. SERVPRO project managers work closely with you to lay out the options for your particular circumstances, making the best choices depending on the extent of the flooding damage and our ability to return moisture levels to preloss norms. Lighter involvement of contaminants like sewage and seawater supports a persistent attempt to restore preexisting materials and contents, with the addition of appropriate sanitization treatments. Severe contamination with infectious waste or chemicals may impel the decision to remove and replace heavily soiled items and even structures.
Get the help you need when facing flood damage challenges with a call to SERVPRO of Durham. Our staff awaits your call 24 hours a day at (603) 868-3343.

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Dehumidifiers, Drying and Flood Damage Restoration in Durham

9/30/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Dehumidifiers, Drying and Flood Damage Restoration in Durham Flooding can be devastating and leave your property under many feet of water. Contact SERVPRO for drying and remediation efforts.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Have the Experience to Handle ANY Type of Flooding or Storm Emergency in Your Home

Durham is a peaceful community to live in, but just like most places, it is equally prone to flood attacks. If the unthinkable happens, you may find yourself in need of proper restoration services. A good flood damage restoration company should be able to assess your needs and initiate the drying process as quickly as possible to get your home back to normal with minimum disruption. They should send their best professionals swiftly with the right equipment to start work straight away.
SERVPRO is an experienced flood damage restoration franchise in Durham with a very impressive reputation. Following IICRC guidelines, we have managed to restore many homes that sustained extensive water damage after a huge flood. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster and can provide large dehumidifiers to facilitate the drying process.
Our flood damage restoration services include pumping out residual water and removing furniture and other items to prevent additional loss. After mitigating the damage, professional SERVPRO technicians conduct the drying process using special dehumidification equipment. Factors such as airflow, humidity, and the composition of the wet materials determine the approach, occasionally requiring the use of heat sticks or heat mats in addition to the standard tools.
In the past, flood damage restoration experts had limited options when it came to restoring a water-damaged site. It was common to simply remove and discard damaged pads, carpets, and drywall, and then install new materials. Not only did this approach cause a lot of disruption to the occupants, but the process was also very expensive. Today, we can often restore flood-damaged contents without the need for replacement, thus allowing you to return to your normal life much sooner with significantly less disruption.
In some flood damage situations, SERVPRO also undertakes the responsibility of repairing the site, for instance rebuilding damaged fittings or replacing wall and floor materials. Using special technology, our technicians are able to take consistent measurements of temperature, moisture content, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels during restoration. The results help accelerate the drying process and reduce the number of visits to the site while keeping you adequately informed.
Time is money when a flood hits your home. As soon as possible, contact SERVPRO of Durham to repair any flood damage sustained. If the water stays for too long, mold and mildew may start to develop and present various health effects. You can reach us anytime at (603) 868-3343.

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Hurricane Matthew

11/21/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hurricane Matthew Two feet of water filled the downstairs of this apartment during Hurricane Matthew.

Our crews are finally coming home in time for Thanksgiving! They have been helping clean up in North Carolina after the mess Hurricane Matthew left behind.  This picture shows damage in an apartment building before we performed services. 

SERVPRO has the best Storm Team in the country, equipped to mobilize wherever disaster strikes. Our franchise is proud to play a part in helping people all over the nation in need of assistance.